Lan­guage Prepara­tory Medium Uni­ver­si­ties

There are hun­dreds of courses avail­able in the Russ­ian Medium but stu­dents will have to go through the foun­da­tion pro­gram for a year to enable them learn the lan­guage. Below are the list of Uni­ver­si­ties that we rep­re­sent who offer the Russ­ian medium of study.

  1. Astrakhan State Med­ical Academy
  2. North-​Eastern Fed­eral Uni­ver­sity in Yakutsk (NEFU)
  3. Saint-​Petersburg State Chem­i­cal Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Academy
  4. Saint-​Petersburg State Uni­ver­sity of Telecommunications
  5. Saint-​Petersburg State Uni­ver­sity for Civil Aviation
  6. Saint Peters­burg State Uni­ver­sity for Cin­ema and Television
  7. Admi­ral Makarov State Uni­ver­sity of Mar­itime and Inland Shipping.
  8. Saint-​Petersburg State Tech­no­log­i­cal University
  9. Tam­bov State University
  10. Nov­gorod State University
  11. Sara­tov State Agri­cul­tural University
  12. Nizhny Nov­gorod State Med­ical Academy
  13. Nizhny Nov­gorod State University
  14. Nizhny Nov­gorod State Uni­ver­sity for Archi­tec­ture and Civil Engineering
  15. Nizhny Nov­gorod State Ped­a­gog­i­cal University
  16. Moscow Avi­a­tion Institute
  17. Peo­ples’ Friend­ship Uni­ver­sity of Russia

The Russ­ian lan­guage medium for prepara­tory stu­dents ranges from $1,900 to $5,000. It depends on the city and University.

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